The Atlantic Slave Trade was the culmination of the Spanish Inquisitions and Christian Crusades. In those beginnings were the first of instances where children were torn from their parents. In Spain, the people of the Tribe of Yahawahdah, then called Jews or Negroes, were expelled if they did not denouce the God of their Fathers and take on the new Roman Christianity religion. Many parents were killed while their children were kidnapped and taken to colonies on the west coast and on islands off the west coast of Africa to be 'raised' as christian slaves. The social harms that may befall a people who have to experience being taking from their parents are enumerable. When the Atlantic Slave Trade began, it was individuals from these colonies that were first taken to the Americas since they were already enslaved since birth, an early age, or otherwise were still children. This was done to instill a non-rebellious culture amongst the enslaved community. Soon after, other Israelites in Africa, also then called Negroes, were kidnapped, beaten, raped and sometimes killed on the grueling trek to slave trading posts, on the voyages half way around the world never to see their mothers, fathers, families, or homeland again, and while in the Americas in general and the United States (or its founding colonies) in particular. Note that while this was occurring in the western hemisphere as a result of The Atlantic Slave Trade, the so called Arab Slave Trade was doing the exact same thing to our people as they were spread around the eastern hemisphere. Most of the captives were children. Women, boys and girls were raped. Sometimes even some of the men were also raped. Illegal enslavers called the rape of some of these men 'buck breaking'. As if the horrors themselves were not enough, the adverse social impact of these horrific deeds are far too great and far too many. Yet, these acts still carried on in some form or another even after purported emancipation, even during the Civil Rights Era and even until this day in 2020. Adding insult to injury, since the melanated skin of our people were distinguishable from the pale skin of the colonizers and we were kidnapped and brought halfway around the world, which made escape difficult, the United States Governments began to recognize our people as the only enslaveable people and used the perceived color of our skin to identify us. This introduced racial discrimination into chattel slavery from its inception. During the Jim Crow Era, our people were relegated to lessor facilities in every aspect. Our people were not allowed to go in certain areas. Police are used to guard over the enslaved, enforcing written and unwritten dscriminatory law and policy to this day. Throughout these 400 years, this racial discrimination has taken a significant toll on our people socially. Some of our people have developed low self-esteem as it pertains to the melanin in their skin. They do not realize that not only is their skin beautiful, but their skin gives them the best protection and advantages while living on this earth under the Sun. As the original complexion of humanity, if one is human than ones ancestors have a deeply dark, i.e. Black, complexion.
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