The loss of generational education that occurs when an entire nation of children are stripped from their parents and elders is immeasurable. Yet, this is exactly what happened to those enslaved in the Americas. Additionally, it was made illegal for those enslaved to learn to read or write. Within a few generations most descendants had forgotten their heritage, who they are, and knowledge obtained over thousands of years passed down from generation to generation. Even today, many of the descendants of those enslaved are not aware of the history of their people prior to the Atlantic slave trade. It is a rich and fascinating history. Truly the greatest story that could ever be told. The Salt of the Earth, original man, Children of The Book, God's Chosen People. Once enslaved, our people also received miseducation at the hands of their oppressor. They were taught about fake gods, heathen religions, and bad english from the plantation owners. Even after the purported end of chattel slavery, our people faced discrimination in educational arenas. In some cases they still were not allowed to attend certain schools. Our local schools, even, were never given their proper amounts in funding required by law. Moreover, during integration our people were culturally doctrinated in white supremacy instead of properly educated.As a result, the educational gap has become so wide, that many still remain under educated simply because of the situation into which they were born. Some of our people even think that schools created by their oppressors are somehow superior to our schools: which is not true. The only way to right these wrongs is to provide funding for charters schools, and colleges, that are ran or controlled 100% by our people and that teach our children their rich Hebrew heritage.
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