The Legal System has always been the mechanism by which the United States Governments (this phrase in the plural is intended to include state and local governments) are inextricably linked to the institution of slavery and also supported, enforced, enabled, and profited from the peculiar institution. Constantine made the first of their laws, a decree, which claimed to give Portugal complete control of the Atlantic slave trade. The Virginia colony was one of the first colonies to enact a law which stated that only our people, whom they called Negroes, could be enslaved. In the United States constitution, the enslaved were counted as 3/5 of a person for census purposes, and a sunset clause was provided for the slave trade. In the original Declaration of Independence, it stated that 'all men [except Negroes] are born equal'. The infamous Dred Scott Decision by the United States Supreme Court ruled that Black people were property. The dualism of Slavery and Discrimination are embedded in the fabric of this country. Laws were made that allowed slave patrols, i.e. police patrols, to capture and punish the enslaved. Even after chattel slavery was purportedly over, Jim Crow laws were put in place to continue the discrimination and subordination of my people. Even the Thirteenth Amendment itself, the amendment which claims to make slavery illegal, allowed for slavery in prisons. Hence today, a grossly adverse number of our people are in jail or prison today and are made to work for no pay as slaves, property of the state, or else face 23 hour lock down and other harsh conditions. In order to fill these prison houses with the souls of men, new unconstitutional laws or systems of laws were made so that the devil can accuse our brethren day and night. Such laws as the 1913 Harrison Narcotics Act were made in response to racist senators arguing on the U.S. Senate floor that 'crazed negroes were raping white women' and so they began making so called drug possession illegal. No one advocates the use of drugs. But, arresting someone for a problem is not humane. Nor is it constitutional, as people have a right to the possession of a plant. Again, the real purpose behind the unconstitutioal laws were to put our people in prison. It was even found that some of the more exotic drugs were placed into our neighborhoods by the FBI or CIA. Yet, only our people were arrested and not the criminals of the FBI or CIA. It is difficult for some to see how these laws or policies were discriminatory in intent. But, this has been the operation of those who seek to oppress us from the beginning. As laws were made to attempt to grant freedoms or establish rights of my people, simultaneously the bad actors would promulgate laws that took them away. And over the years they became better at disguising it. Some of the first evidences of this trend were with the voting rights laws. A law was made stating that our people had the right to vote. But knowing that it was once illegal for our people to read or write, local ordinances sprung up stating that one had to pass a literacy test or else be grandfathered in to vote. Well, many of our people could not read and write because it was against the law, and neither were their grandfathers able to vote because they were enslaved. So those laws were struck down and then they created poll taxes in order to disenfranchise the vote. Many of our people could not afford that tax because of the system of oppression that virtually kept them enslaved as many still worked for plantation owners in the south and others factory owners in the north but in either case, somehow by the end of the year, the employers claimed that the employees owed them money for advances and thus they were never able to get out of that poverty cycle. In other words, the word employee is a euphemism for slave. So now that the poll tax laws and its equivalents were struck down, today they rely on the Thirteenth Amendment. The Thirteenth Amendment itself is an example of this scheme as it simultaneously purports to abolish slavery while yet making it legal in prison and those terms are still present in that amendment to this day. So now in order to disenfranchise the Black vote they take away the right to vote from so called felons. Now these types of laws are more difficult to dismantle because they claim that the people asked for such laws. For example, with the dreadful 1990's Crime Bill for which Bill Clintion and Joe Biden and others are chiefly responsible, they claim our communities asked for more policing. That bill and those politicians in that era put more of our men behind bars than any other set of laws in United States history. This era even included unconstitutional child support enforcement laws that made criminals out of regular men. It is the quintessential example of a law that adversly affects our people yet many do not realize it and would practically beg for it. Even the application of unconstitutional laws allow for discrimination. Many of the non-moving traffic laws, such as license plate or drivers license requirements are unconstitutional. But they are considered 'minor' i.e. non jailable offenses and so many people do not study their unconstitutionality. Nevertheless, these laws can be applied discriminately and lead to an adverse number of our people being pulled over and searched. The search is another violation: the Fourth Amendment. Then if one does not have time to attend court on this frivilous charge they claim to put out a warrant on that person and may arrest that person and confiscate that person's vehicle. This is another violation: due proccess. To be sure, it is unconstitutional to take someones car for alleged lack of insurance, driver's license, or registration (and the like), and it is cruel and unsual punishment to take someone to jail at any point of a process pertaining to a non-criminal non-jailable offense. The most tragic case was with Korryn Gaines. Our baby girl lost her life to murderous pigs over a license plate. I must pause as I write this as I am overcome with emotion right now at the thought that our baby girl can lose her life because of a license plate. So in order to ensure that what happened to people like Korryn Gaines, Sandra Bland, and George Floyd never happen to anyone else again we seek to enact sweeping legal reform that will basically abolish this entire system and replace it with a righteous system. In this righteous system, we have the Korryn Gaines Law. This law states that no person may be arrested nor have their property or property in their possession taken away over a non-jailable offense or infraction, and for missing any court dates or other obligations of the same. Also, there shall be no requirement of vehicle registration, insurance, or driver's licensing in order to drive. When these laws were first enacted the United States Supreme Court in its limited wisdom decided that driving was a privilege. It is well understood now, that driving is a right. There are many ways to protect oneself but infringing on people's rights is not the way to do it. There shall also be the Sandra Bland Law, which states that no deputy or police of crimes can also be an enforcer of traffic laws, i.e. non crimes. Furthermore, no enforcer of traffic laws shall have the power of arrest. We should add that a person has the right to stay or leave ones car during a traffic stop at their pleasure and the right to bear arms on this stop. Ones right to defend oneself does not stop merely because someone states that they are acting with official authority. Finally, we have the all encompassing George Floyd Law. Under this law, The Thirteenth Amendment shall be amended to abolish slavery in any form, including as punishment for crime, the release of all prisoners and jailed individuals for non violent offenses, crimes against police or judges, and victimless offenses, and any remaining cases shall be reviewed and decided cases by case. No one can be arrested without conviction for any crime that is not murder, rape, or the like (e.g. kidnapping etc). No one can be jailed at all nor sentenced to jail for conviction of any petty crime (known as misdemeanors) that are not violent crimes. There are other ways to pay for offenses that may even be agreeable to the culprit. For example, theft (but not theft of food for hunger only) upon conviction can require pay back of double the amount stolen. Stealing a little just to eat but no more is not considered a crime. In fact, we all are suppose to save a corner for those less fortunate. The principle here is that keeping people imprisoned should always be the last resort. In fact, prisons were first born to house accused murderers so that the victim's family would not kill him to avenge their loved ones death while the suspect awaited trial. Any crime commited under the color of law shall be punished double. Persons acting under the color of law are held to a higher standard as they are servant to the public that they serve. All drug related laws shall be no more. One cannot tell a person what to do with his own body. We can only educate our people on what they should do and should not do. There can only be a crime against another person directly. Not some made up 'society as victim' claim. Everything about the drug laws, including their enforcement, are unconstitional. There have even been cases where convicted murderers only received a 5 year prison sentence where as a person with drugs and a gun (but did not kill anyone) received a 15 year prison sentence. The child support laws shall be wiped as currently enacted. It is unconstitutional to interfere in how a person chooses to raise his or her family and it is unconstitional to use the resources of the public on behalf of one member of that public against the other for non crimes. Moroever, any person seeking righteousness in that area would first establish legal custody. It is presumed that split custody is best for the child so long as violence is not an issue. With split custody, the question of child support becomes void as both parents will have the child for an equal amount of time and therefore owe each other nothing. It shall only be whenever one parent does not want equal time with the child and that fact has been legally established by the words of that parent shall child support even be considered. There are more laws as well, both civil and criminal that would be affectively changed or abolished. The particulars of these laws would take its own volume to write, but essentially it is merely Natural law, or what some call God's Law, and we seek to establish righteousness upon the earth. For it is written, Judah (Yahawahdah) shall be my law giver.
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