The subjugation of our people as property was the first property offense of the United States Governments and its citizens. Any intellectual property even was stolen from those enslaved as well. Some people are not aware that some of us were already here and subjugated, so that land stolen is also a property harm. The lands dessimated in Africa once we were no longer there is another property harm. The most famous instance of property theft after the purported end of chattel slavery is the failure of the United States Governments to honor their own laws which mandated forty acres and a mule for every 'freed slave'. This was law. The United States failed to excercise this law as it gave the Southern traitors back their power. Again, many others who may have had some property (land and homes) found that property either taken from them, burned to the ground, or otherwise vandalized and destroyed. There were also scandals where Black farmers were given loans with impossible terms and had that land taken by the banks. Veterans were discriminated against and not given VA home loans. Redlining and gentrification are still ways that land is taken from our people even to this day. These harms, just as the others, extend pass the shores of America and the entirety of the United States and its territories are owed to the descandants of those enslaved on this land. In the interest of compromise, we are only asking for 50%.
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