The Slave Patrol began as a way to control those who were enslaved. The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 even called for every non enslaved person, regardless of whether they were deputized slave patrollers, to assist in the capture, detention, or correction of any enslaved person who rebelled against the slave system. Sometimes, they would even destroy freedom papers presented by a free Black person and enslave them anyway. The same issues continue to this day. Once slavery was over, they could no longer officially call themselves the slave patrol, so they changed their names to police patrol while also beginning a private social group called the KKK (Ku Klux Klan). Also, the Fugitive Slave Act's mandates are alive and well. Hence, we have instances like that of George Zimmerman, or the Ahmaud Arbery murderers, who are secretly Klansmen, but think that they can publicly act as police, judge, jury, and executioner to Black people. The requirements of a license or ID for almost everything serves as modern day 'freedom papers'. Yet, even if you have those things, the slave patrol, now known as the police patrol, may still enslave a person under the color of law: RIP Sandra Bland. Therefore, the police force as we know it today must be abolished. One may have highly trained and qualified detectives and arresting deputies for solving rapes and murders and the like, but each of them must have completed at least one year of law school. A seperate force may be used for traffic control but stops can only be made for moving traffic offenses. If any non-moving offenses may be 'enforced' at all then only secondarily to a legitimate stop. A person also has the right to come out of the vehicle, and armed, but not threatening, for safety. Additionally, one cannot be stopped for a mere inspection sticker and the like. Neither shall this traffic force have the power of arrest and neither shall one be required to present any ID or other 'freedom papers' by a different name (insurance card etc). A person's vehicle cannot be towed without that person's permission at a stop. The vehicle cannot be searched and nor can the person's name be looked up for any so called pending warrants. The Police Patrol, or Slave Patrol, must be abolished. A free people does not need anyone patrolling around them looking for petty offenses. This should also work to eliminate police brutality (during chattel slavery this was known as whipping or beating a slave). The horrors of police brutality endured from the inception of slavery in this country until this very day culminated in 2020 in the tragic death of George Floyd. Now the entire world knows that the savior of humanity is a so called Black Man. It also confirmed what we have been saying for ages. It is not that we are incompetent or unwilling, but rather that 'the man' literally has his foot on our neck. But, from this day, never again shall they have their feet on our necks. From hence forth, we shall press on for Truth, Justice, and Liberty, bringing forth righteousness upon earth, Thy Kingdom Come, heaven if you will, and we shall continously keep our foot on their necks. We do not ask nor request these things, but rather we demand them. All praises to Yahawah.
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