The first items sold on Wall St. were the lives of enslaved people. Every American Institution is stained by our blood. From this forced labor and the atrocities concomitant to it, the United States illicitly became the richest country in the world. Every U.S. dollar, resource, and other assets are owed entirely to those enslaved and their desendants. Those purportedly freed by the Thirteenth Amendment were promised 40 acres and a mule via legislation. As traitors from the confederate were allowed to regain their seats of power, it became clear that the north and south agreed that they were confederate against us. Legislation was ignored or nullified and instead of the enslaved people receiving reparations, the slaveowners were given reparations. Those who were enslaved never received reparations at all; not even the legislatively promised 40 acres and a mule. Moreover, many of our people who had at least some property and some political power found that property and power stripped from them as well. To this day, the descendants of those who were enslaved are disproportionately, or discriminantly, and adversely financially impacted from laws and a culture born from chattel slavery. These areas or laws of adverse financial impact include, but are not limited to, business, grants, loans, education, property, real estate, means of production, child support, prison, gerrymandering, and a host of unconsitutional laws that play their part in the creation of systemic oppression.
Financial Harms Property Harms Social Harms Educational Harms Physical Harms Legal Harms Policing Harms
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